Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax

TYLAR’S TREASURES – Woodland Glory @ Swank (NEW)








!six o’clock! Flower Tea Set

!Six o’clock! Flower Tea – Sugar Pot

!Six o’clock! Flower Tea – Tea Pot

!Six o’clock! Flower Tea – Milk Pot

!Six o’clock! Flower Tea – Cup


Trompe Loeil – Amelie Cottage V1.1

HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights – green a

[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – round


Laughter is the fireworks of the soul

Good Morning all and TGIF, I am super excited for Friday and even more so as it’s a long weekend in the UK as Monday is one of our Bank Holidays, we have 2 in May so that means I get two 4 day weeks this month yay.

I’m looking forward to the weekend and plan on tackling my inventory a little, any bloggers out there will sympathize I’m sure lol it will be a long job but it’s good to make a start,  mine is organised, alot more than most I would say,  but my decor folder I want to rearrange in a better way.   I have sooooo many items that I buy and never use because I forget them so time to stop wasting those L’s and use the awesome things I buy more than I do. so wish me luck.   I also if I’m honest find it relaxing and a chance to remember things forgotten, anyway I’m rambling.

Today I am showing you the gorgeous Jardin de Ville set by Circa at Illuminate, it went perfectly with the beautiful La Dolce VIta Patio by Serenity Style out now at Shiny Shabby so if you like, add to your list of need to go buy,  I’m sure I’m not the only one to have one of those lists am I lol.

Have a great Friday everyone ♥

[CIRCA]  – “Jardin de Ville” Set @ Illuminate (NEW)

 [CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Patio Bench – Light Maple (54 pos)

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Patio Chair – Light Maple (12 pos)

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Ottoman Seat B – Sun / Chevron Mix2

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Ottoman Seat A – Sun / Chevron Mix1

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Wall Fountain – Aged Stone

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Patio Table w/ Cloche -Rose Candles

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Ivy Hook Stand – Flowers – P/B (L)

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Ivy Hook Stand2 – Flowers – P/B (L)

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Ivy Hook Stand -Bird Bath & Feeder1

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Geranium Planter Box – Tri Mix

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Geranium Planter Box – Brights

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Geranium Planter Box – Purples

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Geranium Planter Box – Purples

[CIRCA] – “Jardin de Ville” Hollyhock Trellis Planter – Dk Pink


Serenity Style-La Dolce VIta Patio @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)


Little Branch_SakuraTree.v1{Animated}

[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – random





Good Morning everyone, we have reached Thursday and that means the weekend is creeping up yay,  today I get to show you more goodies from events around the grid,  first the super cute Country Spring Retreat by Serenity Style which you will find at Illuminate, the painting set is by Chez Moi and it at Cosmopolitan,  that closes in a couple of days so be quick, ionic released this fence set as Lost & Found which has re-opened recently and finally the Deck chairs are a set by Zen Creations.

All links to both mainstore and event are below, enjoy and have a great spring day ♥

Serenity Style– Country Spring Retreat @ Illuminate (NEW)

Serenity Style- Country Spring Retreat

Serenity Style- Country Spring Plant Yellow

Serenity Style- Country Spring Plant Pink


ionic : Wooden Fence @ Lost & Found (NEW)

ionic : Wooden Fence Single Post

ionic : Wooden Fence A

ionic : Wooden Fence B

ionic : Wooden Fence Long


Painting Spring Set  CHEZ MOI @ Cosmopolitan (until 5th May)

Easel & Stool CHEZ MOI

Painting Material CHEZ MOI


Zen Creations – Dragonfly Deck Collector Chairs

Dragonfly Deck Collector Chair 1

Dragonfly Deck Collector Chair 3



[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – random

HEART – Sunflowers – Rows 1

Studio Skye – Skye Birch Grove Building Set.




Hello everyone and happy hump day, we made it to half way to the weekend yay.  It’s been a week of meetings and appointments this week that’s besides all the usual stuff, so I’m looking forward to my no alarm Saturday, with comfy clothes, hair up, no make-up, coffee in hand lol I know I know wishing my life away but doesn’t it sound perfect? lol well for me anyways.

Today I’m showcasing the gorgeous new gacha set by ionic, it’s available now at Chapter Four but only for a few more days so be quick and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Have a great afternoon ♥


ionic : Mediterraneo @ The Chapter Four (NEW)

ionic : Mediterraneo RARE

ionic : Mediterraneo Ivy

ionic :  El te de la tarde

ionic : Fuente de Primavera

ionic : Campanario

ionic : Mesa Mediterranea

ionic : Huevos, cebollas, cazos y ollas

ionic : Pasta Casera

ionic : Tinaja

ionic : Pa amb tomaquet

ionic : Crema de zanahoria y calabaza

ionic : Puerta al jardin


[we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – random

Little Branch_WhiteFlowers1{Field}

Little Branch_ WhiteOrchidTree.v2{Animated}