I am a smart ass girl from the UK who loves coffee and shopping lol.   I started my Second Life journey a long time ago but only actually began blogging fashion around 9 months ago when my Bestie Exis and I started DIY SL Blog.   Since they we decided it best suited us to each have our own blogs so Sunshine & Sparkles was created.  We both support each other 110% always have always will but this was the better journey for us to take ♥

I am far from perfect, I am learning each and every day and its something I love to do,  both shopping for the items I blog, taking pictures to show off the many items I have aswell as being fortunate enough to have amazing sponsors who give me the honour of blogging their items for them aswell.

I initially my started  my journey  purely blogging about fashion, now I also blog Decor and I admit I am throroughly enjoying this side too and can’t wait to grow more in both fields.

Thats all for now, feel free to say hi if you ever see me in SL or on one of the many many social medias we all share our stories on.

Love & Hugs