The Kitchen is the heart of the home

Good morning everyone, today is my lazy Sunday, so I’m posting and running,  it’s not such a lazy day so far and already it’s gone noon but once my post is done I am hoping the lazy part will start, well I can live in hope right?

Today I’m showing you the super cute Simple Things set by Thor available now at FaMESHed to accompany that I have the gorgeous cookhouse kitchen by Zen Creations, check below for further details.

Have a great Sunday everyone ♥

..::THOR::.. The Simple Things @ FaMESHed (NEW)

..::THOR::.. Old Dining Table

..::THOR::..Dinette Chair

..::THOR::.. Pomegranate

..::THOR::.. Cloth

..::THOR::.. Bread

..::THOR::.. Kitchen Knife

..::THOR::.. Lemon

..::THOR::.. Onion

..::THOR::.. Olive Oil Tin Cruet

..::THOR::.. Metal Jar with Herbs

..::THOR::.. Country Tile 1

..::THOR::.. Country Tile 2

..::THOR::.. Garlic


Zen Creations – Cookhouse Kitchen

Cookhouse Sink Cabinet

Cookhouse Stove

Cookhouse Cabinet Shelf

Cookhouse Fridge

Cookhouse Wall Art 1

Crock 1

Crock 3

Cookhouse Oven Mits

Cookhouse Egg Skillet

Cookhouse Kettle

Cookhouse Cannisters

Rolling pin & dough

Salt & Pepper

Cookhouse Greenery Pots

Cookhouse Cherries

Cookhouse Cookbook

Cookhouse Cookbook Stand

Utensil Rack

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