Escape the ordinary

Good Morning everyone,  it’s my favourite time of the week, I get to stay home in comfy clothes and chill catching up on things and having a great day relaxing, that being said I don’t have much more to say other than todays post is all about Japan as you can see, Merak has released this gorgeous Japanese house @ Neo Japan so what better way to show case it than filling it with so many gorgeous items by Zen Creations, they have full rooms to decorate such a beautiful house.   Check the details out below.

Have a great day everyone ♥

[Merak] – Kyokkyo house @ Neo Japan (NEW)


Zen Creations – Japanese Aishiteru Bed Set

Japanese Aishiteru Bed

Japanese Aishiteru Twig in Vase

Japanese Aishiteru Wall Table


Zen Creations – Japanese Ocha Tea Table Set

Japanese Ocha Tea Table with Fire Pit

Japanese Ocha Sushi

Japanese Rirakkusu Tea Cup (full)

Japanese Rirakkusu Tea Pot

Japanese Ocha Floor Cushion

Japanese Ocha Rug

Japanese Ocha Potted Plant

Hanging Lantern


Zen Creations – Japanese Yorokobi Livingroom

Japanese Yorokobi Sofa

Japanese Yorokobi Chair



Japanese Yorokobi Rug

Japanese Yorokobi Trunk Table

Japanese Yorokobi Table Bamboo



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