Happiness is not out there it’s in you

Happiness is not out there it's in you

Good afternoon everyone,  we have Storm Brian hitting the UK today,  it’s not as bad as they predicted, it never is thankfully but it is bad enough outside with high winds and ALOT of rain for me to be happily tucked up inside, warm and cosy with my comfy clothes on and coffee in hand and time blogging.

I blog alot as you’ll know by my numerous pictures and posts,  not as much as some  but more than others and it’s a huge part of me now and it not only keeps me sane but it challenges me which anyone who is close to me knows I am someone who loves to learn new things and loves to challenge myself,  blogging enables that side of me.

Other bloggers understand it’s not a simple take a picture and post it task there is a lot involved and from someone who always felt I did not have a creative bone in my body it takes me places and gives me a confidence that maybe there is a little of that trait inside me too.

I am fortunate enough to have many amazing designers who do me the honour of being apart of their blogging team but outside of that I also love to shop and showcase items I get from stores or events,  some sit in my unsorted folder until I get time to sort then I suddenly remember them lol I’m sure I am not the only one too 😛

Today I get to show you The Lake House set by 22769 [bauwerk],  this set is no longer for sale but still deserves to be showcased not only because of it’s beauty but also it shows you how amazing the designers of this store are and if your like me it prompts to go see what else they sell I might like.

Anyway enough rambling for a Saturday, have a good one everyone ♥

22769 [bauwerk]  – The Lake House (no longer for sale)

22769 – The Lake House – RARE

22769 – Wall Fishes – COMMON

22769 –  Stormlamp – COMMON

22769 – Lake House Drawer – COMMON

22769 – Lake House Pouf – COMMON

22769 – Lake House Sofa – COMMON

22769 – Sailing Books – COMMON

22769 – Lake House Drapes – COMMON

22769 – Fishermans Lamp (Ceiling Mount) – COMMON

22769 – Lake House Pottery – COMMON

22769 – Tray with Water Bottle – COMMON

22769 – Frosted Glass Couch Table – COMMON

22769 – Round Hemp Rug – COMMON

22769 – Lake House Gallery – COMMON

22769 – Rectangle Lake House Hemp Rug – COMMON

22769 – Hanging Bamboo Chair – COMMON

22769 – Wood Sign – COMMON


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