Fun in the snow


Where I am from we don’t get beautiful snow, we get a little snow rarely that quickly turns to slush and ice and makes it hazardous to walk and drive on so I get envious of people with beautiful snow that you can have snow ball fights, and make snow men, sled and generally have alot of fun.

I am a lover of winter to be honest and now in Second Life with all the gorgeous Winter sims to explore I am in heaven lol can’t have it in RL so I enjoy it in my SL hehe.  I will be exploring as many sims as I can because the beauty is just amazing, the hard work and creativity that go into these sims is outstanding.  Today’s was in the sim “it starts with a smile”  I love this sim normally but now in its Winter period I love it even more, if you haven’t been yet I recommend it for sure.

My outfit is Addams and one of my favourite winter outfits so far, with Wool Dress, Boots and Coat I was definately dressed for my snow day.  Hair is by Argrace and gives that look of being windswept which I love when taking shots.

Have a wonderful day Monday ♥

What I am wearing

BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.10

SKIN:  Egozy – Shenty


DRESS:  Addams – Carolina Mesh Wool Dress

BOOTS:  Addams – Mesh Rain Boots

COAT:  Addams – Virginia Mesh Wool Coat

SIM:  it all starts with a smile




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